My name is Terry Dickman. I live on an almond ranch and enjoy weightlifting. This is my personal blog for tracking my workouts and posting fun stuff about anything. I am a Master weightlifter in the 60-64 age group, 94kg weight class. I have 4 children, 3 dogs and happily married to Gina my sweetheart ♥. I still work full time for a commercial solar company JKB Energy.

I started weightlifting in January 2015. My first exposure to olympic weightlifting was in 2008 when I started CrossFit. I can remember at that time being unable to perform an overhead squat with an empty bar. My current training goal is to do well at the 2017 National Masters Weightlifting Championships in Savannah, Georgia.

Update March 2017; Won 1st Place at Nationals in M60-94kg, not my best lifts but enough to win.

My dog Angus (aka Mister Dittman) is a 3 year old Red and Black German Shepard, he follows me wherever I go. He loves to lay in the dirt and watch me lift.


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