Week 5-22-17

It’s memorial day weekend and I finally have some time to write a short blog post. Well since my last post I have competed in one local meet the CTS Wine Country Classic on 5/20/17. Not my best meet but I still had a good time. Results listed below. The PWA record for M60 94kg weight class is 81kg. I have my sights set on breaking that. I did make an an attempt at 82 on my 3rd lift, close but I failed to get full extension and tried to get under the bar too quickly. I need to learn to be patient and get that full extension before going under. The Clean and Jerk PWA record for M60 94kg weight class is 103kg, my meet best last year was 100. Not sure I can break that but its a goal, having goals is what keeps me motivated. I need to work on my jerk and explode out of the dip more, timing was off this last meet and my feet were hitting the platform before I got full extension and locked out in the catch, thus ending up with these little press outs. There is always stuff to work on and this is one for me. It’s funny how most people think weightlifting is all about strength, of course strength is very important, but good technique goes along away. I once heard a great description how weightlifting is like gymnastics with a barbell. You have to move the bar up as straight as possible while keeping the bar close to your body and getting in the right position at the right time.

Next meet is the Redwood Empire Championships in Cotati, CA on 8/5/17. This is one of my favorites since its held outside in the park. Beer and hay bales make for a great atmosphere.

Lastly, the best news of all is that my new grandson Elliot James Dickman came into this world on 4/20/17, my son Greg and his wife Caroline brought him for a visit this weekend. The nurses said he had unusually strong legs.

Future weightlifter Elliot James Dickman

CTS Wine Country Classic 2017 results
Total: 168
Competition Weight: 91.56
Snatch 1: 72
Snatch 2: 77
Snatch 3: -82
Best Snatch: 77
CleanJerk 1: -91
CleanJerk 2: 91
CleanJerk 3: -96
Best CleanJerk: 91

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